We are delighted to present the LUXLI project at the Art Market Budapest for the first time in such a framework and look forward to many talks and new contacts that will push this project forward. You can find us in Building D, upper level booth K205 (former K404) beside Art Runners Logistics Company.

1st day. Good morning Budapest!

After a short night in the hostel with an integrated dance club until four in the morning, it went tired to the exhibition ground. In the first room it felt like in the middle of the dancefloor. The friendly staff had another room one and so the second room was perfect to finally fall asleep. The next morning was swept up with glorious sunshine.

The first shock came shortly after arrival at the Fair. The booth had no back wall – where should the poster hung up? Thanks to the diligent staff Alexandra and Lilla who were able to fix this small problem quickly, even if there were some back and forth. But for the first day of the fair, which is also called construction day, this all was completely ok.

After the speech of the Fair founding director Attila Ledényi around 7 pm, with Hungarian “champagne” and warm white wine, the day ended in the KIOSK, a nice location near the Danube at Marcius 15. ter 4.

2nd day. Hi Budapest!

After a short night, the booth with a great bright view over the basement and the area gave the possibility to get in talk with exhibitors and guests. For example with two ladies from  BelArt from Novi  Sad, Serbia who were interested in the main idea of LUXLI ARTE_CONNExxION and the underwater photographer Harry Fayt from Liège.

In the afternoon there took place a live performance of Joseph Semah and two interesting presentations. First named BRIDGING PASSION AND INVESTMENT with Serge Tiroche (Tel Aviv, Israel) where he explained at first who he is and where he came from and next the idea of his Art Vantage Investment fund – The DeLeon Collection. The main idea is great and similar to the main idea of LUXLI. Serge Tiroche however started his fund in 2011 with 20 Mio $ and has generated in the average 6-8% per anno.

After his presentation LUXLI spoke to Serge Tiroche, presented the LUXLI idea and asked Serge for his opinion and improvement proposals. He suggested to focus on only one market at the beginning and to speak and understand the artist ideas. Thank you very much at this point for his appreciated opinion.

In connection to Serge’s presentation Isabel Bernheimer (Bernheimer Contemporary), Rony More (art please), Robert Runtak (Robert Runtak international collection) and Csaba Toth (AMC Networks Central Europe) talked about NEW GENERATION OF ART COLLECTORS – CONTEMPORARY MOTIVATIONS AND TRENDS ON THE ART MARKET. The summary is: paintings are still alive and the taste of the collector decides at the end about the selection of the artists. What insight! But definitely interesting.

Later at night we visited the Zoltan Kluger exhibition MODERNIST EYE IN A NEW LAND at Deak 17 Gallery in the Budapest City centre and went afterwards to the Photographer Tony McGee speech in Aria Hotel Budapest. He talked about his time with David Bowie when he took a series of pictures of him. Unfortunately he did not have much to say – but the way he did was nice.

3rd day. Hello Budapest!

Vesna Latinovic, founder of DIALOGUES contemporary art festival in Serbia, explained about the Festival in her country and the artists presenting their work there. It sounded very nice and maybe we will go there next year in the end of August.

danubeartfest.org »

Our booth was also visited from the founders of okka Architects in Hungary. They liked the idea of connecting artists from poor places of the world and present their work in the Northern Hemisphere and offered her knowledge to help if needed.

okka.hu »

Linda Berci, from Budapest Art Week, just came to our booth and we talked about the Budapest Art Week next year, where contemporary young hungarian artist will be exposed.

bpartweek.hu »

Great days in Budapest. Thanks to the organization team for their great job and their kindness all the days.